• There are A-line style one shoulder dresses that can be a great option for those who are a little out of shape. The dress can also be a great choice for summers because of the loose fitting.

The one shoulder dresses can simply be an elegant and perfect choice for any occasion. Most women are of the view that these are meant only for formal occasions; however, that is not correct. There are a number of different styles and options of one shoulder dresses that you can use for both formal and casual occasions.


Probably the most amazing, unique and eye-catching point related to one shoulder dresses is the diagonal neckline. It makes you look good and admirable without exposing too much skin. The different styles for one shoulder dresses include:

  • The one shoulder dress type is that ends a few inches above the knee.
  • For petite women, one shoulder dress with empire waistline is the perfect option. It creates a kind of illusion of height and you do not appear too thin.
  • The trumpet style fits the body well. It is a just the right thing for those who have a good figure and likes to show off a bit.


The one shoulder dresses also comes in a number of different fabric options for you to choose from. The cotton ones can be worn in day-to-day life while those made from satin are a bit expensive and are a wonderful choice for special occasions and parties.

Colors and Prints

There are also a number of different colors and print options. These are certainly one of the most important points for a woman to consider when it comes to buying a dress. You can go with either solid colors or the printed ones as per your choice and personality. There are pastel colors, bright colors, floral prints and a number of other designs as well. There are options of big prints as well as small ones. In case you are not interested in prints, you can always go in with stripes or color blocking designs.

Sleeve Options

One shoulder dresses also come with a number of different sleeve options. The most popular are surely the sleeveless ones but in case you are not too happy with the shape of your arms or if they have too much flab, you can always choose a one shoulder dress with sleeves. You can select either a ¾-length sleeve or a chic cab sleeve.

You can also combine these dresses with a number of different garments for both practical and design purposes. Like chopped leather jacket can be worn with the dress in a cool summer night. The popularity of the style rose to new heights after the celebrities also started wearing these on many occasions.

Outdoor Weddings

The one shoulder dresses have also become a popular alternate to the outdoor summer and spring weddings. In the modern times, a number of people are choosing outdoor locations including the beach or garden for their wedding. The traditional wedding dresses are simply not appropriate for the occasion as they are too long. A one shoulder prom dress can serve as just the perfect alternate. For those who are a little money minded, the dress again provides with a few options and can provide you with an elegant look at amazingly low prices.

The trend of one shoulder dresses has surely taken the fashion world by storm and women of all ages are equally attracted towards it. There is certainly an option available in the market for women of every age, shape and size. The dress can be a great choice for family reunions, beach parties, office parties and weddings to name a few. It would surely make you look beautiful and you can be the center of attraction.

The best practice for buying one shoulder dresses is surely a visit to the showroom and trial of a few options before selecting the one that suits you the most. However, in modern times you can find a perfect fit dress online as well. Most retailers have a detailed size chart that you can refer to select the perfect size for you. You can also get some additional discounts and free shipping.